A little bit about Me..

Hi all!! My name is Carrie and I was born an raised on Long Island, NY.. Where I still live with my amazing husband and 3 children..

The Punky Fae came about after the birth of my oldest daughter.. She was a tiny thing.. Nothing you could buy in a store fit her physically, nor matched her style and personality.. even at 18 months she was a unique bird.. I’ve seen most of my life.. Back in the day I was a costume designer for ren faires and theatrical endeavors.. so I turned that talent and design to children’s custom boutique.. Now 10 years later I still make children’s clothing here and there for my customers but mostly I sew for my children. I  dabble a bit in doll making and have turned my boutique more into woman’s clothes which I now love to make things for myself!! I am a bit of an odd dick myself when it comes to clothing and its nice to be able to make what I have envisioned instead of searching other shops..

I have just embarked on a weight loss journey with Advocare.. I will be journaling that journey here as well.. I hope you all enjoy my journey through bettering myself through my mind, body, art and design..